What it means to walk in Jesus’ footsteps from Mark’s Gospel

Jesus teaches His disciples about His death and how costly it will be to walk the way of the cross – not only for Jesus but for all His followers. What does it really mean to walk in Jesus’ footsteps and what about those who refuse to follow Him? In these 3 sessions, Carrie Sandom helps investigate Mark Chapters 8 – 10 to help us identify what it truly means to follow Jesus.

Who is Carrie Sandom?

Carrie Sandom

Carrie Sandom works at St. John’s Church, Tunbridge Wells in the UK teaching women of all ages the Bible. She is also the Director of Women’s Ministry for the Proclamation Trust and trains women for ministry at the Cornhill Training Course in London.

In her spare time she loves reading, walking and catching up with friends over a really good cup of coffee.