What we believe

Theologically we identify totally with the protestant, evangelical and reformed heritage of that day. We hold to the same insistence on the inspiration and final authority of Scripture, the fallenness and helplessness of sinful man, the sufficiency of the finished work of the God-Man, Jesus Christ our Lord, the necessity for new birth through the power of the Holy Spirit, justification by the imputed righteousness of Christ received by faith alone, and the necessity for holiness as the only adequate evidence of the new life.

Liturgically, we have sought to retain the reverent spirit of the reformers of old, without slavishly following the traditional letter.

As to our mission, we are aggressive but not superficial in evangelism, and have, after a period of being part of the evangelical retreat, recognised our responsibility to be salt and light in all aspects of society.  Our theological college (George Whitefield College in Cape Town, South Africa) is seeking to rise to the intellectual and social challenges of the new South Africa and the new Western world, but without compromising the unchanging message of salvation through Christ alone, or accommodating it to modern whims and fancies.

We teach the Gospel from the bible

At the very heart of Christ Church Midrand is not our denomination or even the Church itself, it is the Gospel. We firmly believe that the only way that humanity can be reconciled in their relationship with the Creator God is by trusting in the death of His Son, Jesus Christ. We teach this from his word, and week to week we expound upon what the bible has to say in all our areas of teaching.

Where we come from

The Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church of South Africa (REACH SA) of which we are a constituent church is a protestant, reformed, and evangelical denomination committed to the Bible as the Word of God. The basis of our doctrine and teaching is found in the Bible.

Historically, our theological roots originate in the Reformation in England in the 16th century and are spelt out in the “Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion” first published in 1553. We remain firmly committed to this historic Anglican summary of Christian truth and all ministers and office bearers of REACH SA must subscribe to the 39 Articles. We are also committed to the doctrines as taught in the historic orthodox creeds of the Christian church, i.e. Apostles Creed, Nicene Creed, Athanasian Creed.

As REACH SA enters the twenty-first century it reflects both continuity and discontinuity with the church that had its origins in the Cape Colony two hundred years ago.