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7. The Christian life: Prayer

Series: The Sermon on the Mount
Preacher: Roydon Frost
Bible Reading: Matthew 6: 1-18
Date: 27 November 2022

What do Prayer, fasting and charity in the Kingdom look like? Are these supposed to be public performances (pulling up a face to get public appraisal )? Are these supposed to be more transactional (Treating God as an ATM)? If Prayer, fasting and charity are for us to be noticed, then it is not life in the Kingdom but religion. Jesus calls religion hypocrisy (public acting). Life in the Kingdom means praying to a Father who knows what you need but still listens,  Praying to a Father knowing that we did not earn our way back to him but he brought us back to him.

Join Roydon Frost as he explains from Matthew 6: 1- 13 the difference between religion and life in the Kingdom.

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