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4. The Christian life: Truth

Series: The Sermon on the Mount
Preacher: David Kobedi
Bible Reading: Matthew 5: 22-37
Date: 13 November 2022

Following on in our current series, the Sermon on the Mount, we continue in Matthew 5v33-37, titled Oaths. Why does this little section have such a big meaning/impact for all of us, to this day? Why, because it is about oaths and how our words should mirror our actions. Jesus Christ showed us how our words and actions should be aligned and focused on God, and not man. Focusing on Man, means we do not focus on God, but rather choose and focus on pleasing Man. Why is this concerning for us?

Join Pastor David as he unpacks Matthew 5v33-37 and teaches us from the Bible about why our words and actions should be focused on glorifying God, and not Man.

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