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5. Power – Kanye West

Series: Anthems of the Age
Preacher: Blaque Nubon
Bible Reading: Matthew 20: 20 – 28
Date: 22 January 2023

Kanye West spent a year writing the song ‘Power’. It came off the back of years of wrestling with racism and governmental structures. The end product of his struggles was a song that shows that the only power to rely on is ‘Kanye’. Like Kanye, when power structures fail, we think we have the ‘power’ to sort it out. We take on our lives by ourselves and do everything for ourselves because we struggle with power. But Sin wins, not us. How do we deal with power correctly? How should we respond? Have a listen to this sermon to find out.

Click Here to watch the video of the song ‘Power by Kanye West

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