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4. Start Again – OneRepublic

Series: Anthems of the Age
Preacher: Roydon Frost
Bible Reading: Luke 23:32-47
Date: 15 January 2023

One Republic’s song ‘Start Again’, may not be their most popular song, but the words of this song are an anthem of the age. The song speaks of a desire to start again. It’s a desire that everyone has, because we all know how much we’ve messed up. It’s therefore a song our world sings. But, what if someone deeply wronged you, and asked to ‘start again’? Would you agree to that? What about justice though? Surely we can’t push all things under the rug and pretend it’s ok?

The world needs to find where true forgiveness to take place and, outside of the Bible, there isn’t a real answer. In this sermon, Roydon Frost explains how forgiveness takes place so that no matter what wrong we have done, there is justice and peace for us. Whether you need forgiveness or need to forgive others, this sermon is for you.

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