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3. Songs of the Redeemed Part 3.

Series: Songs of the Redeemed
Preacher: Gareth Maggs
Bible Reading: Psalms 57
Date: 2 May 2021

Psalm 57. Feeling overwhelmed, undervalued, unable to cope with your situation, drowning in your everyday life? Psalm 57 teaches us that seeking refuge under the wing of God, under his Sovereign Power, is the only place that will safeguard us from the Storm that is raging in our lives. It shows us the Love that God has for us. Join us as we discover more about the amazing power that God has, and his love for us?

Feeling down or unable to cope with life, please contact our Care and Crisis Centre (Tuesday/Thursday/Friday)

Alternatively you can contact our Church office Monday-Friday on 011-318-2481

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