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3. Low Man’s Lyric by Metallica

Series: Anthems of the Age
Preacher: Shaun Storer
Bible Reading: Romans 1: 18 – 25
Date: 06 February 2022

Why do so many popular musicians write songs about forgiveness? One can try to hide from our need for forgiveness with sex, drugs and rock-n-roll, but will this really succeed in satisfying our need? We can convince ourselves that our debt is so small that we can pay it with our goodness, but it will never be enough. Where would we put ourselves in the story of Luke 7: 36-50, as Simon or as the woman? We all need the forgiveness that Christ Jesus offers us!

Join Pastor Shaun as he unpacks an Anthem of the Ages and relates it to Luke 7: 36-50, and as he unpacks both the song and the verse, we learn why we only need the Forgiveness that is offered by Christ Jesus.

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