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2. Encounters with Jesus Part II

Series: Encounters with Jesus
Preacher: Gareth Maggs
Bible Reading: Mark 1: 40-45
Date: 14 August 2022

Why are we not at Church today… Do we feel like a social and spiritual leprosy sufferer, an unclean outcast? That before entering Church, we must first cleanse ourselves of our issues/faults/problems, etc..! In Mark 1v40-45, we learn that Jesus stretched out his hand to someone condemned, a leprosy sufferer cast out from the social society of the day, cast out from the Jewish Synagogue – unable to worship God, someone who can’t be closer than 50 paces to another. No family, no contact, no interaction, no life thereafter, no future… Jesus was renowned as a great Teacher, a Holy Man, a Prophet, someone with Authority over Creation and the Spiritual World, yet he reached further than anyone else, and takes not only the sin of this individual, but at the Cross, Christ Jesus takes all of our sins too… Join Pastor Gareth as he teaches from Mark 1v40-45 and unpacks the true caring and loving nature of Christ Jesus and God, for every single one of us.

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