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19. The Acts of God XIX

Series: The Acts of God
Roydon Frost
Bible Reading: Acts 8: 1-4
Date: 10 March 2024

In this sermon Roydon Frost explores the consequences of persecution on the early church, highlighting how God’s providence works amidst adversity. Despite efforts to suppress the message of the church through persecution, believers scattered, leading to the spread of the gospel as commanded by Jesus.  Acts 8: 1-4 shows the power of God’s providence in turning persecutors’ intentions upside down, resulting in the growth and resilience of the church. This dynamic is likened to the paradoxical power of the cross, where suffering leads to redemption. Historical examples, including instances from Africa, are provided to illustrate this enduring truth. The sermon concludes with a call to trust in God’s providence, which transforms suffering into blessing and persecution into proclamation, depicting the church as resilient and triumphant over adversity.

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