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15. Discipline and Holiness

Series: Hebrews
Preacher: Roydon Frost
Bible Reading: Hebrews 12: 3-17
Date: 17 July 2022

Why is Suffering in a Christian’s Life, a topic that sometimes is referred to as the Nuclear Topic? Why also is the discussion of Suffering looked down upon, a taboo talking point?

Our Christian life is a marathon, not a sprint… We will hear many voices throughout, and the clearest and one we must remain focused on is God’s voice. He calls for us to keep calm, remain focused and keep coming to Jesus, our Lord and Saviour… Our suffering is not in vain, it has a purpose…

Suffering is a deeply personal topic for all of us with either sprinkles or gallons of heartache and pain, but because we have a father in heaven that loves us truly, our suffering is never in vain nor is it wasted. God can take it and turn it to good, and God will. The Cross of Christ gives us the power and understanding to know that this is true. We crucified God’s one and only Son on the cross, the deepest of all human evils, but God turned this act of immeasurable evil into a victory! God can take our suffering and turn it around for our own good! In our suffering, we must look to Jesus, in His strength we can overcome suffering. God knows what it is like to suffer and to keep the faith to the very end. We are not alone, God is with us, now and always in our suffering!

Join Pastor Roydon as he unpacks suffering, and what is clearly written in the Bible concerning suffering, giving us all hope and trust in Him. If you have any doubts or questions about suffering in a Christian’s life, please watch or listen to this sermon. Additional you can always contact Pastors Roydon, David, Eddie, Gareth or Martin if you require more clarity or prayer.

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