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11. Zechariah

Series: Voices in the Wilderness
Preacher: Roydon Frost
Bible Reading: Zachariah 3 & 4
Date: 09 June 2024

This sermon explores the visions of Zechariah, highlighting the contrast between Joshua’s exchange of filthy garments for clean ones and Jesus taking on humanity’s sins and suffering. Jesus, as the high priest and king, laid the cornerstone of the church and will complete it upon his return. The message emphasizes that God often works through small, weak, and ordinary events to achieve His purposes, humbling human pride and fostering dependence on divine power. It cautions against idolizing earthly grandeur and celebrates everyday acts of faithfulness as vehicles of God’s transformative work. Through examples like children, prayers, illness, and setbacks, believers are encouraged to remain faithful and obedient, trusting in God’s plan until Christ’s return.

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