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11. Trust

Series: The Sermon on the Mount
Preacher: Roydon Frost
Bible Reading: Matthew 7: 6-12
Date: 29 October 2023

Who do you trust? Who do you go to when you are going through the most in life? Is it conventional wisdom, your job, relatives or political party? If you are a disciple of Jesus you need to know he has a lot to say about the topic of trust. In Matthew 7:6-12 we have Jesus telling us who to trust and not trust. Jesus makes a clear warning to his disciples that they do not have to put their ultimate trust in the things of this world as they will all come to pass. Jesus’s short answer to who to trust is our heavenly Father who gives good things to those who ask.

Listen to Roydon Frost as he preaches from Matthew 7:6-12 about who should we put our ultimate trust in and why.

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