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11. Jesus, There Is No Other

Series: Hebrews
Preacher: Roydon Frost
Bible Reading: Genesis 14: 13-24, Hebrews 7:1-28
Date:05 September 2021

With the world still facing trouble and strife from the Covid-19 virus, have you made decisions that are irrational and desperate by their nature? Would you have made these decisions if under different circumstances? Hebrews 7 teaches us that sometimes we will try make these types of decisions, but ultimately our focus should only be on Jesus Christ and his message for us. He is the ultimate sacrifice and Priest that we need, and we need nothing more. Join us as Pastor Roydon Frost unpacks Hebrews 7 and discusses this bible passage and its important teaching, that Jesus Christ is better than any alternative, there is no competition…

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