Project Description

1. God’s Promise Fulfilled

Series: Coming of the Messiah
Preacher: Raphael Mukanya
Bible Reading: Matthew 1: 1 – 17
Date: 13 December 2020

What does the Genealogy of a person tell us, what does it mean in today’s world? Is a genealogy of a person still relevant, wanted, needed or even worth discussing? The Genealogy of Jesus Christ points back to the Old Testament, to a promise made to establish a people for God from Abraham. This genealogy gives us the ancestry of Christ Jesus, not his descendants, as Christ Jesus is the fulfilment of an Old Testament promise made by God. Ultimately, it demonstrates the authenticity and authority of our Lord Jesus Christ, and clearly shows that God is in Sovereign Control of everything. Join us and discover more about the Genealogy of Christ Jesus and his Authority…

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