Building up the body of Christ

Being a Redeemed Family of Servants on Mission means we’re not Christians on a solo mission, living the Christian life on our own. We’re part of a family, which is a body of believers that teaches each other God’s word (Redemption), encourages each other to serve and spurs each other on to live out the Gospel in the world.

We are committed to supporting eachother as we walk together on this journey of life as brothers and sisters in Christ. We focus on providing spiritual support services like counselling, visitations, bereavement care, etc

Pastoral Practical Support

Supporting our family in times of need and loss. This ministry consists of family members (DNA: Redeemed Family of Servants on Mission) who actively step in when calamity strikes.

Prayer Chain (Servants)

If you have any emergency or prayer needs, please fill in a form(place in the prayer box) or contact the church office and your request will be forwarded to our team who will be praying for you.

Prayer Room

If you are in need prayer on Sundays, please come to the Prayer Room after every service and there will be someone waiting to pray for/with you. Confidentiality is key.

Contact Raphael Mukanya for all pre-marital counselling
Phone: 011 318 2481

For all other counselling, please contact Martha or e-mail the Pastoral Ministry team on
tel: 084 499 2589