Building up the body of Christ

Being a Redeemed Family of Servants on Mission means we’re not Christian’s on a solo mission, living the Christian life on our own. We’re part of a family, which is a body of believers that teaches each other God’s word (Redemption), encourages each other to serve and spurs each other on to live out the Gospel in the world.

We learn to lean on one another, sharing our burdens and our joys. Through life groups, prayer ministry, pastoral care and counselling, we seek to build up the body of Christ, helping each member grow strong and healthy.

Prayer Ministry

After the 9.30am and 6.00pm services there is a prayer room where you can pray with a team member or ask them to pray for you.

Pastoral Care

We have a team of volunteers and staff who do hospital and house visitation in times of need.

Prayer Chain

We have a very active group of people who are committed to praying for the church and it’s members.


We have an experienced team of volunteer and professional counsellors available to assist with a broad range of life issues including, pre-marriage counselling, in-marriage counselling, divorce recovery, post-traumatic stress related issues and substance abuse.

Contact Pangaanayi Sithole for all pre-marital counselling
tell:065 148 5465

For all other counselling, please contact Martha or e-mail the Personal Ministry team on
tell:084 499 2589