We are called to be men

The bible has some very specific challenges for men that it doesn’t give to woman. We are called to be leaders of our homes and churches, to love our wives as Christ loved the church, to take responsibility… the list goes on for both married and single men. We are not defined by our culture, circumstance, job title or background. As Christian men our identity is in Christ and as such we have a responsibility to understand what that life looks like.

Christ’s death has saved us and bought us into a Christian family where we both grow as Christians and reach the lost. It is therefore imperative as Christian men that we meet regularly together if we are to reflect that family and spur each other on for the Christian mission.

Get Involved

Mens Reading Groups

If you would like to start a small group with some Christian friends or colleagues, then consider starting a reading group at your home or work. The purpose would be to meet with one or a couple of Christians to encourage one another in the Christian faith by reading a book together.

We provide support and regular contact with reading group coaches. These coaches give help and input in running and growing your reading group.

Men’s Breakfast

At this stage our Men’s Ministry consists of a bi-annual morning breakfast where we get together for bible teaching and fellowship. Many of the men at our church are already involved in regular ministry at the church and elsewhere and the purpose of the breakfasts is to encourage them to continue doing what they’re doing and for others to do the same.

Gauteng Men’s Convention

A very important event on our calendar is the Gauteng Men’s Convention. It is an interdenominational Convention for Christian men from all over Gauteng. The Convention takes place on a Saturday and features insightful, encouraging bible teaching as well as plenty of opportunity to meet with other Christian men, to pray and sing together and to talk about living the Christian life.

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