What to do with 30 years of blessing?

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Next year is the 30th birthday of Christ Church Midrand. The church was planted in the Protea Hotel on 14th
Street in April 1994. In the three decades that followed we have been the recipients of untold blessing. All that
we are, and all that we have, is a testimony to God’s unmerited kindness over three decades.

Our 30th birthday gives us an opportunity to reflect on his kindness and to give thanks. It also places upon us the joyful
obligation to ask, “What do we do with all this blessing?”. We know that in the Christian life every blessing is an opportunity to bless others. We are called to be rivers, not dams. So how do we push out into the next few years in an effort to bless others?
What should we do?

For disciples of Jesus, the question, “what should we do?” can never be divorced from the prior question “who are we?”. Our identity informs our action. We know that in Christ we are a Redeemed Family of Servants on Mission. Our Mission is to make disciples who make disciples who make disciples… Disciples are made as we Reach the Lost, Raise Leaders, and Reshape Lives when the word of God is opened in the power of the Spirit.

Within that understanding of who we are and what we do, the church leadership have come up with three focus areas for the next five years.

The first focus area is renovation of our physical infrastructure. Our auditorium is our living room. It’s the space into which we invite strangers in the hope that they will become family as they sit under God’s word. Our living room and our toilets are looking drab and desperately in need of some TLC. We want it to be a warm, welcoming, well-kept environment. One where we all feel comfortable inviting friends, colleagues and next of kin. To do so will cost us R1,300,000

The second focus area is raising leaders through training. We have three formal training programmes: the test drive (for school-leavers who want to taste full time ministry), the apprenticeship (for those seriously considering
full time ministry), and Bible College (for those committed to pursuing a life in full time ministry). To raise up leaders across all three programmes in the next five years would cost in the region of R700,000

The third focus area is church planting. A church our size has a Christian duty to be planting other churches. There is also no better way to Reach the Lost, Raise Leaders, and Reshape Lives than to send out a small group of highly motivated disciples to do the work in another neighbourhood. To have a financial base from which to launch a church plant would require R2,000,000.

The total amount we are hoping to raise is R4,000,000. That number can sound intimidating but more important than the final amount raised is the participation of our family in the project. Every one of us must have the opportunity to contribute. The amount is irrelevant. What matters in the eyes of God is that it is prayerfully, sacrificially, and cheerfully given.

Pledge Form

I anonymously pledge to contribute towards the 30th Celebration Vision.

Contribute towards, for example:
1 x Chair at R250
10 x Chairs at R2 500
50 x Chairs at R12 500
500 x Chairs at R125 000
1 x Test Driver at R36 000
1 x Apprentice at R216 000
1 x Bible College Student at R150 000
1 x Church Plant at R2 million

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