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Every Friday night, from 19h30 – 20h30, we hang out on Zoom. We chat, giggle, find out how everyone is doing, we play games, we have quite moments, sad moment, we share our struggles, cry together, cry with laughter together, learn how Jesus conquered death, marvel at how David can defeat nations, yet stumble at Bathsheba, morn at our sin and praise at the triumph of our Lord. It’s hard to believe we do so much in 1 hour.

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NB: Your Zoom name needs to be your name and not your device name. I.e. ‘Thandeka Smith’, not ‘Galaxy D11’. For security purposes, people with device names will not be allowed in the meeting. Select here to see how to change your name.
Meeting ID: 849 1910 3299
Password: 093101

Join by Phone
+27 87 551 7702 South Africa
+27 87 550 3946 South Africa

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