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ARC is an ongoing recovery support program for those dealing with an addiction

Addiction is a difficult road to walk and is far broader than we think. It’s difficult because we become slaves and captives to our addictions and are unable to break the chains ourselves. Similarly, it’s often broader in that there are far more things we can become addicted to than we think.

Addiction as a definition can be categorised into 2 sections.

    1. Main stream addictions: Addictions such as Alcohol, Drugs, Porn, Sex addiction etc.
    2. General addictions: Addiction to Work, Smoking, Social media, etc.

Addiction is something that we make an idol of because we become bound to it to the point that we can’t live without and it’s out of our control. Ultimately, we are detracted from who we are in Christ (which is sin). The First Commandment reminds us not to serve anything except God. By dealing with our main sin of separation from God we are able to deal with Addictions. Our goal in this ministry is to lead each person to the cross and to do so by walking with others who are struggling along the same road.

Cost: Free
Christ Church Midrand, Pool Boardroom (See below for directions to Christ Church and select here to find the pool boardroom)

RSVP by using the form below. Please note, you do not have to give us your name and last name. We do however ask that you give us your mobile number so that we can add you to a Whatsapp Group to keep you up to date.

How To Get There

Use your phone GPS: Select ‘View Larger Map’ using your mobile phone to activate your GPS
Where is the pool boardroom? Select here to view a map of Christ Church Midrand.

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