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NB: Registrations are a little different

To make registrations quicker, simpler and easier we have done the following:

  1. Created a declaration form to be signed once a term: Instead of declaring your Covid status on every registration, we have created a declaration form that you only have to sign once for the term. If you are a guest of our church, we ask that you still sign the declaration. Please find the declaration here.

What to do during the service…

  1. No one will be accepted into the service without prior registration.
  2. Please arrive 30mins before the service with a mask for temperature check, sanitising and sign-in.
  3. There will be people on the day to help direct you and help you sign in.
  4. Mothers with children younger than 18 months can take them into the small hall (as long as they have been pre-registered), but if they give you trouble, we will ask you to sit on the corridor, as the cry room will not be accessible.
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