Episode 7: Privilege Revisited and Closing Reflections

We close this series off by revisiting our understanding of “Privilege” how it plays itself out in light of the race conversation and how Christians can be grappling with it from a gospel perspective. And then similar to the personal approach we used to start the series, we again end it on personal reflections of our time together, what we have learned and how we intend to move forward as brothers after this special time we have spent together. We encourage you to seek out real gospel friendships, walk with someone or people from different ethnicities, for the sake of learning, challenging each other, and growing in love for God and those around you. We truly hope you have benefited from this time with us and that God by his spirit and word has begun to heal and restore in you what has been broken by the sin of racism. And that this gospel we have laboured to demonstrate is really inspiring deep change in the inmost parts of your heart. Be blessed and may God be glorified!

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