Roydon is married to Joan and they have three kids. He is currently a curate at Christ Church Midrand where he served as minister in charge of parking between Jan 2015-Jan 2016. Roydon was recently redeployed, but he swears it has nothing to do with the two cars that were stolen during his tenure. Reliable sources confirm that he is yet to hand over his luminous yellow bib, and it appears his reluctance has something to do with his claim that, “there is no space on this earth more in need of the gospel than your average church parking lot.” If he had his own blog, Roydon would call it the gravy stain, because he clearly missed the gravy train, and gravy stain sounds truer to real life. In his spare time, Roydon plays “sea monsters” with his kids – a game that is a lot less scary than it sounds.

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