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I am the vine, you are the branches.

Series: Face-to-face with Jesus, by Rosie Moore. I think it’s apt that we are finishing off our series in John’s gospel with Jesus’s seventh and final “I am” statement: [...]

  • Emotions make terrible gods

Emotions Make Terrible Gods

Taking Control of Our Feelings Article by Greg Morse Staff writer, “You cannot tell me how to feel,” the little girl shouted mid-tantrum. “I’m not telling you how to feel,” [...]

  • Racial Injustice Resized for website

Race and Injustice: Our First Response

By Roydon Frost. “Weep with those who weep” Rom 12.15 There is a piece of pastoral lore which says that when you first comfort someone who has suffered great loss, [...]

  • We need to talk

We Need To Talk

By Martin Morrison “We need to talk”. When one of your family says that, you know it’s serious. You also know that you are probably  in trouble or in the [...]

  • Praying with Jeremiah picture of wrecked newspaper

Praying with Jeremiah

Praying with Jeremiah[1] 19 Remember my affliction and my wanderings, the wormwood and the gall! 20 My soul continually remembers it and is bowed down within me. 21 But this I call to mind, [...]

Why Christ’s calling matters more than our occupation

Around 2600 years ago, the prophet Jeremiah wrote: “Let not the wise boast of their wisdom     or the strong boast of their strength     or the rich boast of their riches, [...]

What we all need to know in an #enoughisenough world

By Lauren Maggs. In the past few weeks, our country has been rocked by violence in many quarters. One of the areas of focus has been the public outpouring of [...]

Some Surprising, Uncomfortable, Unpopular (But biblical) Truths About Discipline.

By Lauren Maggs. Discipline gets bad press in our culture. If you say the word “discipline” people hear “corporal punishment”. They think of what used to happen before 1994 if [...]

Rest for the weary

New series: Texts that changed my life. If I were to make a mini-series of our society, I would call it “The Weary and the Restless.” Many of us  [...]


Snapshots of women adorning the gospel (Part 2)

Part 1 of this devotion can be found here. Luke is my favourite book of the Bible, because the ink on every page drips proof that women are not invisible [...]


Snapshots of Women Adorning the Gospel

By Rosie Moore. A blog for Women's Day. This is part 1 of the blog, click here for part 2 Some women always have the perfect accessory to complement an [...]

“Seventy-Seven Times”

By Linda Ritchie. I struggle with forgiveness. In fact, I sometimes find it difficult to forgive. If you’re fortunate enough to forgive easily, then there’s no need to read any further. [...]

How do you measure success when you have nothing to show for your day?

By Lauren Maggs. “How was your day?” I know that I usually answer that question by listing what I did. I am constantly trying to assess whether I have achieved [...]

  • Man walking along a road website image

Leading discipleship in the home – some nuts and bolts

By Roydon Frost. [Below is an audio recording. The quality isn't that great and the intro was not recorded. So read the first paragraph of the blog and then listen [...]

Why it’s always worth going to church

By Lauren Maggs. I’m in the stage of life where, for the past few months, I have been sorely tempted to give church a miss. As a new mom, I’ve [...]

  • Bible with a mobile phone

Podcast: How To Read the Bible With Teenagers

By Blaque Nubon. Whether you are a parent or a youth leader, reading the bible with teenagers can often be hard. Sometimes the challenge comes in motivating them, sometimes it’s [...]

God’s Faithfulness in My Helplessness

This video was shared by Roydon Frost on the Gospel Coalition Africa Website. View it on the Gospel Coalition Website   I even remember the day. We’d been to [...]

In Praise of Teenagers

By Linda Ritchie. I have had the (many call it “questionable”) privilege of teaching teenagers for the past six years. That amounts to approximately four hours a day, five days [...]

Biblical wisdom at the ballot box

By Roydon Frost. There is very little democracy in the world of the Bible. It is certainly not the prevailing form of government. That means there is little by way [...]

  • Bringing Aid to Zimbabwe Final

Taking aid to Zimbabwe

On the 19th of April, Panganayi Sithole and Jason Brudvig returned home from delivering aid to Zimbabwe. Our church had collected a few truck loads of good such as food, [...]

How do I teach children to have a relationship with God?

By Lauren Maggs. What do we want for our children? Whether it’s our own children, or children under our spiritual care, we want them to have a relationship with God. [...]

How I got to God Overwhelming

By Gareth Maggs. When Bronwen Anderson challenged our music team to write songs, I was excited and apprehensive. I’d written other Christian songs, but never a song that could be [...]

  • Jerusalem City Featured Image and Background

Reflections on Israel and the church from Hebrews

Supplement? Replacement? Or Fulfilment? By Roydon Frost There is a growing fashion amongst South African Christians towards the observance of Jewish practices and customs. The trend is imported, I [...]

4 reasons to pray the Lord’s prayer

By Lauren Maggs. When Jesus’ disciples asked him about how to pray, he gave them the prayer we find in Matthew 6:9 – 13.  By virtue of the fact that [...]

Renewing our Thinking on Academic Success

By Linda Ritchie. A funny thing happens when I walk into my English classroom; everyone – me included - assumes that I am there to teach the students. However, the exact [...]

  • Being A Christian So Long I Forgot I Was One - Person Walking with back to the camera

Being a Christian so long I forgot I was one

By Lilly Million. Being a Christian so Long I Forgot I was one... Or rather, I forgot what it meant. Now I am not sure what number you had in mind [...]

5 Questions to Ask Yourself About Purpose and the Work Place

By Gareth Maggs. Sometimes we don’t feel like we have purpose. Do you know the feeling? It often comes when you evaluate your life; your job, your family, your social [...]

The brave new world of infidelity

Eusebius McKaiser, Dr Eve and the future of sex. By Roydon Frost. At the end of November last year, radio talk-show host Eusebius McKaiser was in his usual weekly [...]

  • Podcast LGBTQ

How to talk to teens about LGBTQ+

An Interview with Blaque Nubon and Kathryn Morrison How do we talk to teens about LGBTQ+? Blaque Nubon and Kathryn Morrison have been involved in youth ministry for many years [...]

What does the Bible have to say about fashion?

By Blaque Nubon. On 21 June 2014, Peaches Monroee coined a phrase that would become known to as many as two billion people globally in two weeks: "eyebrows on [...]

4 Myths of Self-Esteem Part 2

By Gareth Maggs. Last week we looked at 4 myths that psychology provides as plausible solutions to the problem of identity. The problem of self-esteem not only affects teenagers, [...]

4 Myths of Self-Esteem Part 1

4 Myths of Self-Esteem Part 1 By Gareth Maggs. Dr Esfahany Smith, a Professor at Stanford University, has published a book called ‘The Power of Meaning: Finding Fulfilment in [...]

Walking In The Light – An interview with Robinson Mwangi

The East African Church Movement – An interview with Robinson Mwangi At the beginning of the 20th Century, a church movement began in East Africa which is still impacting Africa [...]

Every Believer’s Hydration Pack

Ten essential items If you are crazy enough to enter a trail run, you will know that a fully equipped hydration pack is an absolute essential. Being a novice, [...]

  • Why do we Sing?

Why Do We Sing?

Podcast Download/Stream Link to Apple Podcast Open on Iphone/ Ipad   By Roydon Frost. Please see the Video and Podcast above. The transcript is below I am uniquely [...]

  • Blog Image - Hands Stretching out - Main Image

The REAL Power of Prayer

By Eleanor Kwizera. When asked to define prayer, I generally assume that every Christian could give me the right answer; that it is the way we communicate with God by [...]

  • Beautiful Sunlight Main Image FINAL

The Relevance of the Resurrection for Every Christian

An Interview with Dr. David Seccombe. We are privileged this week to have Dr. David Seccombe on our podcast. David Seccombe has a PHD from Cambridge University, is an [...]

Being a Modern Woman in South Africa

An Interview with Lilly Million and Leah Maseko In this Podcast, Leah and Lilly speak from experience as they share what it’s like to be a young black woman in [...]

  • New Dads Blog Post

To new fathers, from weathered ones

Advice from dads who have walked the road before My first-born child is due in November this year, and I’m excited like you can’t believe! I take every moment I [...]

  • How to Walk with a Friend who has Depression - Main Image

How to Walk with a Friend who has Depression

An Interview with Dewald Wagener Dewald Wagener has his Masters in Theology, his Honours in Pastoral Counselling and over 17 years of pastoral counselling experience. This week we interviewed him [...]

Those Younger…

The great thing about this blog post is that it is relevant to YOU. No matter where you live, who you are, or how embarrassing your music taste, there will [...]

How to Talk to Teens About Racism

An Interview with Blaque Nubon Blaque Nubon is no stranger to the discussion on race. He has preached on it many times, written about it and in every instance his [...]

  • Running the Marathon of Motherhood - final

Running The Marathon Of Motherhood

By Rosie Moore. "Your kids will grow up in the blink of an eye." "Don't worry, this season will end and things will get easier." "Just love them unconditionally! [...]

How can I keep inspired to serve? Part 2

By Lauren Maggs. If you missed part 1, click here A while ago, my husband and I attended the funeral of his great aunt. She was a wonderful, faithful Christian [...]

How can I keep inspired to serve? Part 1

By Lauren Maggs. Catch part 2 next week What discourages you most when it comes to your ministry or your service? Perhaps its feeling like your week was so busy [...]

  • Part 1. Wholefood Christianity in an Age of Processed Snacks: THE NOURISHING WORD

Part 2. Wholefood Christianity in an Age of Processed Snacks

By Rosie Moore (see more from Rosie Moore) (Adapted from a talk given by Rosie Moore at Christ Church Midrand Ladies’ breakfast on 24 February 2018. This is part 2, [...]

  • Part 1. Wholefood Christianity in an Age of Processed Snacks: THE NOURISHING WORD

Part 1. Wholefood Christianity in an Age of Processed Snacks

By Rosie Moore (see more from Rosie Moore) (Adapted from a talk given by Rosie Moore at Christ Church Midrand Ladies’ breakfast on 24 February 2018) “Come, everyone who thirsts, [...]

  • Raising children - how I keep my sanity joy! Final

Raising children – how I keep my joy!

By Linda Ritchie. My experience of motherhood was nothing like I'd anticipated: idyllic scenarios of peaceful days spent feeding and dressing our eagerly-anticipated baby. In fact, my life changed - [...]

  • The Gospel and Whiteness - Man behind a veil

The Gospel and Whiteness

By Roydon Frost. Evaluating any culture is a hard thing. Evaluating your own culture fairly, is harder. Evaluating white culture, in South Africa, in 2018, as a white man - [...]

  • A disciplined rat in the rat race

A Disciplined Rat in A Rat Race

By Gareth Maggs. Every morning we wake up, climb on our hamster wheel, run like crazy and then sleep. Somehow, we manage to eat and if we’re lucky, squeeze in [...]

How God’s Sovereignty Changes You

By Paul Ntini. The bible is very clear on God being sovereign and most Christians affirm God’s sovereignty, but do we understand the implications of it? WHAT DOES IT MEAN? [...]

5 Questions every series lover should ask

By Gareth Maggs. This is not a blog that says watching television series is bad. It’s a blog calling us to be wise with the series we watch. Let’s face [...]

  • Advice to my younger self

Advice to my Younger Self

By Jerry Gule. When you are in your 50’s there are times you look back with amazement at some of the things you got up to in your teens and [...]

  • Faith and No Work Cover

Faith and no work

By Roydon Frost. Recently our brothers and sisters from a church in New York held a “faith and work” event for us here in Midrand. It was packed out, and [...]

  • How to Be a Christian Friend

How to be a good Christian friend

By Lauren Maggs. Over a meal the other day, I was chatting to a friend about the real joy of having friends you know you can call on with no [...]

  • How God-esteem Impacts your work

How Self-Esteem Impacts Your Work

By Gareth Maggs. I’ve been fascinated with identity since 2010 where I started reading as much as I could on the topic. My reason for doing this was because everywhere [...]

  • Teaching Kids to Carry Their Cross

Teaching Kids to Carry Their Cross

By Lauren Maggs. “Mommy, today was so hard!” Our hearts break when we know our children are suffering. While we wish that we could simply make all the hard things [...]

3 ways we can “pray in the Spirit”

By Lauren Maggs. Ephesians 6:18 “And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on [...]

  • Christ in the Centre of Parenting

Christ in the Centre of Everyday Parenting

By Roydon Frost. I’m not sure there is any one model for parenting. It’s a bit of a fashion industry really. It’s equally hard to advocate any particular model for [...]

  • Christ in the Centre of Your Friendships

Christ in the Centre of Your Friendships

by Lilly Million “Get friends that make: sin look bad, God look big, grace look tangible and the Gospel look true” - Jackie Hill Perry I saw the above [...]

Christianity is Not Relevant

A few years ago sharing a bible passage with an unbeliever was a wonderful idea. Though that person may not have walked with the Lord, they had an awe or [...]

  • Christ in the Center of How You Use Social Media

Christ in the Center of How You Use Social Media

By Paul Ntini Just like you, l am constantly finding myself browsing through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Recently I’ve begun to think about how l present myself on social media, [...]

How to Share the Truth in a Storm

By Gareth Maggs. I wonder if there is any harder conversation to have than one on suffering? As I’m writing this, I have a list of more than 10 people [...]

Desperate Times… The Jesmond Consecration

Christianity in the world is on a steady path of giving up on the bible. The Anglican Church is the second largest denomination in the world and some brave men [...]

Worry – In the face of political turmoil

Worry. From butterflies in your stomach before an important meeting to the horrible, heart racing horror of a panic attack – we are all familiar with worry on some level. [...]

  • Dealing with Christian Emotions, Love


Let’s talk about love… Our culture’s view on love I wonder what comes to your mind when you think of love? I know what comes to my mind: a song [...]


Love at first sight… That is what happened when I took that tiny scrap of humanity in my arms, looked at the little face and fell in love with our [...]

  • Men Are Trash

Men are Trash. #…?

Sometimes it’s better to say nothing. This may well be one of those times. Men in this country have been doing unspeakable things to women. And not just in the [...]

  • Drowning in the Deep End Image


Disclaimer from the editor: Although divorce is not something that everyone goes through, it is still worth adding it to our series on stages of life. Sadly the divorce rate [...]

  • Drowning in the Deep End

Drowning in the Deep

5 Tips for Taking on your First Job When I think back to my first job, I shudder. Everyone else in the company seemed to be coping, but me. I [...]

  • Kinderjoy - Finding joy in the Lord as we raise our children


Finding joy in the Lord as we raise our children In a game of word association, the word “children” does not always evoke the word “Joy”. Sometimes the word “grief” [...]

  • Get Off the Stage

Get off the stage!

Advice to the married. So, basically, getting married was never really part of my life plan. It was going to be that cool thing which happened, if it happened. But [...]

  • 6 Things Every Single Christian Should Know

6 Things Every Single Christian Should Know

Then the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for[e] him.” - Genesis 2:18 Hi! How are [...]

  • Gospel and Race Blog

How Should a Christian Respond to Racism?

by Martin Morrison. We do need to talk about it. The topic is obviously very sensitive at present in South Africa. (When I use the word Black it includes Indians [...]