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God’s Faithfulness in My Helplessness

This video was shared by Roydon Frost on the Gospel Coalition Africa Website. View it on the Gospel Coalition Website   I even remember the day. We’d been to [...]

In Praise of Teenagers

By Linda Ritchie. I have had the (many call it “questionable”) privilege of teaching teenagers for the past six years. That amounts to approximately four hours a day, five days [...]

Biblical wisdom at the ballot box

By Roydon Frost. There is very little democracy in the world of the Bible. It is certainly not the prevailing form of government. That means there is little by way [...]

  • Bringing Aid to Zimbabwe Final

Taking aid to Zimbabwe

On the 19th of April, Panganayi Sithole and Jason Brudvig returned home from delivering aid to Zimbabwe. Our church had collected a few truck loads of good such as food, [...]

How do I teach children to have a relationship with God?

By Lauren Maggs. What do we want for our children? Whether it’s our own children, or children under our spiritual care, we want them to have a relationship with God. [...]

How I got to God Overwhelming

By Gareth Maggs. When Bronwen Anderson challenged our music team to write songs, I was excited and apprehensive. I’d written other Christian songs, but never a song that could be [...]

  • Jerusalem City Featured Image and Background

Reflections on Israel and the church from Hebrews

Supplement? Replacement? Or Fulfilment? By Roydon Frost There is a growing fashion amongst South African Christians towards the observance of Jewish practices and customs. The trend is imported, I [...]

4 reasons to pray the Lord’s prayer

By Lauren Maggs. When Jesus’ disciples asked him about how to pray, he gave them the prayer we find in Matthew 6:9 – 13.  By virtue of the fact that [...]

Renewing our Thinking on Academic Success

By Linda Ritchie. A funny thing happens when I walk into my English classroom; everyone – me included - assumes that I am there to teach the students. However, the exact [...]

  • Being A Christian So Long I Forgot I Was One - Person Walking with back to the camera

Being a Christian so long I forgot I was one

By Lilly Million. Being a Christian so Long I Forgot I was one... Or rather, I forgot what it meant. Now I am not sure what number you had in mind [...]