By Eddie Lombard.

34 When he went ashore he saw a great crowd, and he had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd. Mark 6:34

As God’s people one of our highlights is to gather together around Jesus and His Word. We call yourself a redeemed Family of Servants on Mission. In one sense this family has been separated from one another by the attempts to keep us safe from the virus. Lockdown has made many of us in the family feel like we are lost and in need of direction.

When Jesus saw the crowd coming to him Mark 6:33-44, He had compassion on them because they were like “sheep without a shepherd”. They were lost and needed rescue.

In His compassion He fed them and by this act He clearly announced who He was. The promised Messiah and rescuer.

Jesus was pointing the crowd and specifically his disciples back to their own history so that they could see who He is. In the feeding of the crowd we find echo’s of God’s great act of rescue in Israel’s past. They were slaves in Egypt and God acted in rescue, with the 10 plagues culminating in the Passover Lamb. The blood on the door caused the angel of death to pass over them. God then proceeded to take them through the Red Sea on dry land and into the wilderness for 40 years with God’s provision of food and water every day.

When Jesus fed the crowd with food in the wilderness (Mark 6:31,35) he was clearly pointing back to God’s great act of rescue. Jesus was reenacting it and announcing Himself as the promised Messiah, the One who would come to rescue God’s people again. The disciples were to see the past echo’s in what Jesus did that day and make the connection. They had to look back in order to move forward in trust of Jesus.

This is the great privilege we still have today. David Kobedi in his sermon reminded us of this same privilege. Jesus is the great Old testament promised rescuer. When we feel lost and without a shepherd today we need to look back to who Jesus is and His great act of compassion to us on the cross and find our true rescue there.

Prayer point

  • Ask God to help you look back and see the compassion Jesus has for us as seen on the cross?
  • Pray that in today’s uncertainty we will listen to our shepherd
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