Martin’s traveling through Africa

For those who don’t know, our rector Martin Morrison is currently traveling around Africa. It’s not a holiday. He’s ministering in each country with the specific goal of promoting the George Whitefield College Explore Course. Keep an eye out on this page as we continually provide updates with what Martin is getting up to in his African adventure.

2 July – 1 August 2017

1. Mozambique  2 July – 14 July 2017


Martin spent just under two weeks in Mozambique and Malawi. He promoted the Explore Course and encouraged church planting.


Thank-you all for your prayers, love and concern whilst on my travels in Mozambique and Malawi over the last 2 weeks. I am missing you all HUGELY!! Just a quick overview. Inocencio Varine our partner in Maputo and I visited our EXPLORE Partners in Lilongwe and Blantyre (Malawi). In Malawi, there are 4 groups already in operation and a now a further 10 students registered.

We then spent the bulk of our time in Mocambique. Travelling to Tete; Lichinga; Pemba; Nampula; Molokwe; Mocuba; Quelimane and Milange (over 3,000kms). We met with existing EXPLORE students to encourage them in continuing their studies. We met with many, many groups of pastors, churches, students and believers to encourage them to take on EXPLORE. We registered over 60 new students, and awaiting more. Very exciting, that existing EXPLORE students, half-way through the programme in Tete and Lichinga are now planning to start churches, because of the huge lack of Biblical teaching in their regions. CCM and Inocencio will nurture them in their growth. So hopefully another 2 churches started through EXPLORE, adding to the existing 24 churches already grown through EXPLORE. CCM together with Inocencio and EXPLORE plan to have a Bible teaching church in every major city or town in Mocambique. We have also identified a number of key leaders in our churches who need to study full-time at George Whitefield College. I am hoping that we can send one per year.

2. DRC/Rwanda  21 July – 1 August 2017


Martin is spending time in DRC and Rwanda. In the DRC he is ordaining ministers, promoting the Explore Course through meeting various people in ministry and he will be encouraging various pastors who work with Christ Church Midrand. Raphael Mukanya will be joining Martin in promoting Explore as he is originally from the DRC. Martin will be preaching at Lephare and speaking at different Seminars.

In Rwanda, Martin will be meeting various people in ministry promoting the Explore Course.


Thank-you all for love, concern and prayers during the trip Raphael and I made to the DRC (Congo) and Rwanda. I miss you all HUGELY. The trip included 5 main objectives:

  1. To launch EXPLORE in French to the Anglican churches immediately north of Lake Tanganyika. As Bishop I am responsible for 21 churches and 27 ministers in this region. We had over 50 registrations of EXPLORE from pastors, pastors wives and leaders in the churches. We are very excited about this development. Time will tell the fruit. In time, we will need to translate EXPLORE into Swahili. I ordained 7 new ministers for these churches.
  2. To encourage Nic and Rachel at La Phare, our CCM church plant in Bukavu, DRC. We were very encouraged by the growth in the work with over 100 attending the French congregation and 35 the English congregation. Nic has also discipled a group of about 10—12 lay-leaders in running home groups and running the congregations. Bukavu has about 1 million people, so they are planning a church plant next year in another area of Bukavu called Bagira. I was able to spend 4 days training a group of about 25 other pastors and introduce EXPLORE to them.
  3. To launch EXPLORE at La Phare in the French and English congregations. Nic will make this mandatory for all leaders in the church and will start classes later this month.
  4. To meet with 4 church leaders in Rwanda who are using EXPLORE and encourage them, think and plan ahead.
  5. I interviewed various people to try and understand how the Internet is used in Africa, as we hope to launch The Gospel Coalition Africa website from CCM next year.

Thanks for your prayers, and also I as travel to Tanzania and Zanzibar next week

August 2017

2. Tanzania/Zanzibar  1 August – 13 August 2017


Have just returned from a busy but hopefully fruitful trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar. The purpose once again was to introduce and grow the George Whitefield College Distance Learning Course EXPLORE. Most of us associate Zanzibar with beautiful beaches and hotels. However, it is important to know that Zanzibar is 98 per cent Muslim. Two years ago there was great persecution of Christians on this island of 2 million people. Scores of churches were burnt down and 4 clergy brutally murdered by Muslims. There were no convictions or compensation for church properties destroyed. I met with various Leaders to see how we could help to grow the church in Zanzibar using EXPLORE. Time will tell if we can grow a partnership with Christians in Zanzibar.

I met with Bishops from the Anglican, Lutheran and Assemblies of God in Dar es Salaam and Morogoro. Being a Bishop in Tanzania certainly helped to open many doors for me. There is significant interest in EXPLORE. For instance the Anglican Church in Morogoro is looking for a training programme for their catechists and leaders in 600 churches. Time will tell if they are genuinely interested or just being polite!!

The key for us and GWC is to translate the 8 modules of EXPLORE into Swahili, as surprisingly few people spoke or understand English. There are 2 key Tanzanians who could do the translation, and hopefully we can launch the first module in Swahili in July/ August 2018.

Once again, thank you for your faithful prayers and genuine concern.