“The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrier who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.”
Zephaniah 3:17

Prayer Chain

The prayer chain is a group of people from Christ Church Midrand who are committed to praying for the needs of those attending CCM. If you would like to join this group, or bring your needs or thanksgiving before the Lord, please contact: Helen 011 318 2481 / prayer@christchurchmidrand.co.za or Di Walker (after hours): 072 476 9243 / di@compex.co.za


Do you need prayer? You can email requests to: prayer@christchurchmidrand.co.za or make use of the Prayer Chain by calling 011 318 2481 or visit the Prayer Room after each service on a Sunday. You can also complete the Prayer Request form below and put it in the box at the Information Desk.

Pastoral Care

Do you have pastoral needs? Then send your requests to: pastoralcare@christchurchmidrand.co.za

What You Can Pray For…

Regular Ministries

March Requests and Prayers

THURSDAY 1 MARCH: Pray that as we prepare and remember Christ’s sacrifice for us all that we will be able to share the good news with non- Christians and invite them to our services.

FRIDAY 2 MARCH: Pray for the Lumination youth group, for a time of fun, friendship and learning more about God.

SATURDAY 3 MARCH: Pray for our gardening team, for their hard work in keeping the gardens at the church looking beautiful.

SUNDAY 4 MARCH: Pray that those who are new at the church will soon feel part of our family and that we, as members, will help those who are new to feel at home.

MONDAY 5 MARCH: Pray for travelling mercies for those families who have been away during the mid-term break. Pray that all will be refreshed and ready to complete the term.

TUESDAY 6 MARCH: Pray for our country and pray that those in positions of power may turn to you and govern the country in a way that is pleasing to God. Pray also for those areas which have been affected by drought, that the Lord will provide rain.

WEDNESDAY 7 MARCH: Pray for our Life Groups as they meet mid-week, that many new people will attend and become part of a family group as they learn more about our God

THURSDAY 8 MARCH: As we think of Christians who are undergoing hardships and persecution because of their unwillingness to compromise God’s word in their personal and professional lives, pray that we also may be faithful if we are put to the test.

FRIDAY 9 MARCH: Nokeng will be spending this weekend having a prayer walk (Saturday) to invite people in the area to church and a Meal Celebration (Sunday) when the church will be teaching about our crucified Saviour. Pray these events will be well received and attended.

SATURDAY 10 MARCH: Training is taking place to teach Sunday school teachers in Tembisa how to teach the bible to children. Pray many will attend and put into practice what they learn.

SUNDAY 11 MARCH: Pray for those being baptised today. May their public declarations of faith and/or willingness to raise their children according to God’s word be a true reflection of God’s presence in their lives

MONDAY 12 MARCH: Pray for those who are attending the Newcomers evening, that they might learn more about our church and become part of this family.

TUESDAY 13 MARCH: Pray for all those who are mourning the loss of loved ones. Ask that they may be comforted and their spirits may be strengthened through God’s great love.

WEDNESDAY 14 MARCH: Give thanks for the Married for God series that finishes this evening. Pray for marriages in our church, that God will strengthen them for His glory.

THURSDAY 15 MARCH: We give thanks to God for the many blessings He has given us, and we remember in prayer those less fortunate than ourselves.

FRIDAY 16 MARCH: Pray for Nokeng church as they are holding a Ladies Breakfast tomorrow morning. Pray those who attend will be refreshed and energised to continue their walk with the Lord.

SATURDAY 17 MARCH: Pray for Rochelle and her team of helpers as they run Kids Cutting Edge for our REACH churches in Gauteng. Pray for safety, fun and learning.

SUNDAY 18 MARCH: Pray for the music teams who lead us in worship every Sunday. Pray that the Lord will enable them to lead God’s people in praise with faithfulness and sincerity.

MONDAY 19 MARCH: Pray for Eddie, Martha and the pastoral care team as they serve God in a practical sense through the Mercy / Pastoral Ministry.

TUESDAY 20 MARCH: Give thanks for the number of people who signed up to do Explore. Pray they will gain new insight as their understanding of the Bible grows.

WEDNESDAY 21 MARCH: Give thanks for the fellowship and friendship of our church family and that we would grow in our faith together, supporting and loving each other.

THURSDAY 22 MARCH: Pray for those running and attending Kids Clubs, give thanks for the number of children who attend and for the leaders to have patience and make learning about Jesus fun.

FRIDAY 23 MARCH: Pray for our pastoral team and give thanks that they are willing to give up their time to serve those family members in their time of need.

SATURDAY 24 MARCH: Pray for the regional training of children and youth leaders taking place today. Pray for it will be a great time of fellowship and that they will be equipped to be more effective in their ministry.

SUNDAY 25 MARCH: Given thanks for the Foundations course and pray that those who attended will be shining lights for Christ both at home and at work.

MONDAY 26 MARCH: Pray for the church finances that the CCM family will give generously so that God’s work can continue.

TUESDAY 27 MARCH: Pray for the ministers and those who are preaching at the church, that they will faithfully prepare and preach God’s word each week.

WEDNESDAY 28 MARCH: Pray for those members of our family who are studying at GWC, Masimba, Raphael and Mickey, that they will study hard and return full of enthusiasm and on fire for the Gospel.

THURSDAY 29 MARCH: Pray for Cate and her team as they sort out the logistics of the Revive weekend away. Pray for our speaker as he prepares the talks.

FRIDAY 30 MARCH: We think of family and friends who do not yet know God and pray that His spirit may work in their lives as we remember Jesus’ sacrifice for us.

SATURDAY 31 MARCH: Pray that many will attend the Easter Family Picnic and it will be a time of fellowship and a reminder of the love of God that he sent his Son to die for each one of us and made us family.