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3. Through Deep Waters

Series: God With Us
Preacher: David Kobedi
Bible Reading: Psalm 107:23-43
What message do we need to hear as we face the end of the year and as we eagerly anticipate Christmas morning?

We ned to hear from God’s word, we need to be reminded of His amazing love for each one of us, we need to be reminded that He is God and we are not and we need to be reminded that God is our Loving Father in Heave who has a perfect plan for each one of his dearly loved children.

That is the message of Christmas, God sending his beloved Son to accomplish his mission. Which is to forgive us, his children of our sin and rebellion towards him by judging His perfect innocent son, Jesus.There is time for each one of us to stop in our tracks, to turn to this living Jesus and celebrate the lifeGod has planned for us.


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