A united family in praise

It’s a beautiful sound when the church comes together singing praises to our Lord. In awe of his majesty and what he’s done, the roof can be lifted off as people proclaim the excellences of Christ. It’s a little piece of heaven. Music holds no spiritual power and nor does it provide a greater form of worship than any other activity in life. It’s simply a tool God has gifted us with to use when we can no longer admonish him with mere words.

As a music and media team, we want nothing more than to hear people respond to the Lord in praise. We strive to play music that encourages singing and our media team follows suite in using technology as an enabler rather than a distraction. The Lords glory is our goal, and through our efforts his people can easily hear his word taught with an appropriate response, thereby giving him the glory.

What’s our music like?

8am Service: Here is where we sing those old great hymns. They are timeless and together with our pianist and singers, we proclaim them loudly

9:30 Service: It’s contemporary, filled with modern songs written by artists like Chris Tomlin, Hillsong and Bethel. Our sound is very similar to these artists, yet unlike them, we throw in a couple of local songs written in our local languages.

18:00 Service: Similar to the Soweto Gospel Choir, our praise and worship leaders lead in a thoroughly African way.

Get involved

Sunday Teams

We welcome skilled musicians to participate in our sung worship on Sundays. Rehearsals for our 8am and 9:30am services take place on Thursday evenings from 19h00 to 21h00 and Sunday mornings at 07h30. Rehearsals for our 18:00 service takes place on Wednesday’s from 3:30pm – 5:30pm and on Sunday’s from 16:00pm – 18:00pm. Participation is rostered and is subject to an audition.

Sound Team

Members of the Sound team serve on Sundays and at special events. Experience in operating digital mixers is an advantage but not a requirement. Involvement is rostered. The Sound Team sets up on Saturdays and arrives at 7am to prepare for the first rehearsal on a Sunday and again at 16h30 for the evening service rehearsal.

Media Team

The Media Team is trained on Pro Presenter. Involvement is rostered. Duties start at 07h30 on a Sunday morning and at 16h30 on a Sunday afternoon.

Contact Bronwen Anderson
email: bronwena@christchurchmidrand.co.za
tell: 0113182481