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Men’s Hellth

Men eat. And we are good at it. It’s part of that primal instinct we all share. Chocolate, meat, pies, boerie, etc… if it’s edible then it won’t be left over, we’ll take care of it. However, we need to watch what we eat and knowing what we should and shouldn’t devour is often difficult. There is so many mixed messages proclaiming what’s healthy and what’s not.

About Anton:

Dr Anton Janse van Rensburg is a strong Christian who is also the Chief Medical Officer of the Executive Wellbeing Company – an organisation that specialises in ensuring optimal health and performance in executives and business leaders. As a practising medical doctor and a trained metal toxicologist with a Master’s degree in Applied Human Nutrition, his role extends to include the specialised fields of anti-aging medicine and the management of chronic conditions.

Dr Anton has a particular passion for sharing his broad base of knowledge in the field of wellness and longevity. He is no stranger to television and radio and has made his mark as an accomplished public speaker in South Africa. It is on this platform that Dr Anton displays his gift to energise audiences in making positive lifestyle changes. He has authored and co-authored two wellness related books and has written for a variety of South African magazines and newspapers.

Dr Anton is very involved in the wellness programmes of numerous prominent South African companies like Sasol, ABSA, Nedbank, Standard bank, South African Reserve Bank, Transnet, SARS, Total and Barloworld



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