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  • Christ in the Centre of Parenting

Christ in the Centre of Everyday Parenting

By Roydon Frost. I’m not sure there is any one model for parenting. It’s a bit of a fashion industry really. It’s equally hard to advocate any particular model for

  • Christ in the Centre of Your Friendships

Christ in the Centre of Your Friendships

by Lilly Million “Get friends that make: sin look bad, God look big, grace look tangible and the Gospel look true” - Jackie Hill Perry I saw the above

  • Christ in the Centre of how you do work

Christ in the centre of how you do work

By Lutic Mosoane [If this topic interests you, check out our Faith and Work event] Work is really a big part of our lives. And the way you can tell

Christianity is Not Relevant

A few years ago sharing a bible passage with an unbeliever was a wonderful idea. Though that person may not have walked with the Lord, they had an awe or

  • Christ in the Center of How You Use Social Media

Christ in the Center of How You Use Social Media

By Paul Ntini Just like you, l am constantly finding myself browsing through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Recently I’ve begun to think about how l present myself on social media,

How to Share the Truth in a Storm

By Gareth Maggs. I wonder if there is any harder conversation to have than one on suffering? As I’m writing this, I have a list of more than 10 people

Desperate Times… The Jesmond Consecration

Christianity in the world is on a steady path of giving up on the bible. The Anglican Church is the second largest denomination in the world and some brave men

Worry – In the face of political turmoil

Worry. From butterflies in your stomach before an important meeting to the horrible, heart racing horror of a panic attack – we are all familiar with worry on some level.

  • Dealing with Christian Emotions, Love


Let’s talk about love… Our culture’s view on love I wonder what comes to your mind when you think of love? I know what comes to my mind: a song


Love at first sight… That is what happened when I took that tiny scrap of humanity in my arms, looked at the little face and fell in love with our