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  • How God-esteem Impacts your work

How Self-Esteem Impacts Your Work

By Gareth Maggs. I’ve been fascinated with identity since 2010 where I started reading as much as I could on the topic. My reason for doing this was because everywhere

Christians! Let’s love South Africa

By Lutic Mosoane. Most people aren’t too excited about the current state of affairs in South Africa, and probably wouldn’t look at it as an opportunity for something good. The

3 ways we can “pray in the Spirit”

By Lauren Maggs. Ephesians 6:18 “And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on

  • Christ in the Centre of Parenting

Christ in the Centre of Everyday Parenting

By Roydon Frost. I’m not sure there is any one model for parenting. It’s a bit of a fashion industry really. It’s equally hard to advocate any particular model for

  • Christ in the Centre of Your Friendships

Christ in the Centre of Your Friendships

by Lilly Million “Get friends that make: sin look bad, God look big, grace look tangible and the Gospel look true” - Jackie Hill Perry I saw the above

  • Christ in the Centre of how you do work

Christ in the centre of how you do work

By Lutic Mosoane [If this topic interests you, check out our Faith and Work event] Work is really a big part of our lives. And the way you can tell

Christianity is Not Relevant

A few years ago sharing a bible passage with an unbeliever was a wonderful idea. Though that person may not have walked with the Lord, they had an awe or

  • Christ in the Center of How You Use Social Media

Christ in the Center of How You Use Social Media

By Paul Ntini Just like you, l am constantly finding myself browsing through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Recently I’ve begun to think about how l present myself on social media,

How to Share the Truth in a Storm

By Gareth Maggs. I wonder if there is any harder conversation to have than one on suffering? As I’m writing this, I have a list of more than 10 people

Desperate Times… The Jesmond Consecration

Christianity in the world is on a steady path of giving up on the bible. The Anglican Church is the second largest denomination in the world and some brave men