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Snapshots of women adorning the gospel (Part 2)

Part 1 of this devotion can be found here. Luke is my favourite book of the Bible, because the ink on every page drips proof that women are not invisible [...]


Snapshots of Women Adorning the Gospel

By Rosie Moore. A blog for Women's Day. This is part 1 of the blog, click here for part 2 Some women always have the perfect accessory to complement an [...]

“Seventy-Seven Times”

By Linda Ritchie. I struggle with forgiveness. In fact, I sometimes find it difficult to forgive. If you’re fortunate enough to forgive easily, then there’s no need to read any further. [...]

How do you measure success when you have nothing to show for your day?

By Lauren Maggs. “How was your day?” I know that I usually answer that question by listing what I did. I am constantly trying to assess whether I have achieved [...]

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Leading discipleship in the home – some nuts and bolts

By Roydon Frost. [Below is an audio recording. The quality isn't that great and the intro was not recorded. So read the first paragraph of the blog and then listen [...]

Why it’s always worth going to church

By Lauren Maggs. I’m in the stage of life where, for the past few months, I have been sorely tempted to give church a miss. As a new mom, I’ve [...]

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Podcast: How To Read the Bible With Teenagers

By Blaque Nubon. Whether you are a parent or a youth leader, reading the bible with teenagers can often be hard. Sometimes the challenge comes in motivating them, sometimes it’s [...]

God’s Faithfulness in My Helplessness

This video was shared by Roydon Frost on the Gospel Coalition Africa Website. View it on the Gospel Coalition Website   I even remember the day. We’d been to [...]

In Praise of Teenagers

By Linda Ritchie. I have had the (many call it “questionable”) privilege of teaching teenagers for the past six years. That amounts to approximately four hours a day, five days [...]

Biblical wisdom at the ballot box

By Roydon Frost. There is very little democracy in the world of the Bible. It is certainly not the prevailing form of government. That means there is little by way [...]