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Every Believer’s Hydration Pack

Ten essential items If you are crazy enough to enter a trail run, you will know that a fully equipped hydration pack is an absolute essential. Being a novice, [...]

  • Why do we Sing?

Why Do We Sing?

Podcast Download/Stream Link to Apple Podcast Open on Iphone/ Ipad   By Roydon Frost. Please see the Video and Podcast above. The transcript is below I am uniquely [...]

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The REAL Power of Prayer

By Eleanor Kwizera. When asked to define prayer, I generally assume that every Christian could give me the right answer; that it is the way we communicate with God by [...]

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The Relevance of the Resurrection for Every Christian

An Interview with Dr. David Seccombe. We are privileged this week to have Dr. David Seccombe on our podcast. David Seccombe has a PHD from Cambridge University, is an [...]

Being a Modern Woman in South Africa

An Interview with Lilly Million and Leah Maseko In this Podcast, Leah and Lilly speak from experience as they share what it’s like to be a young black woman in [...]

  • New Dads Blog Post

To new fathers, from weathered ones

Advice from dads who have walked the road before My first-born child is due in November this year, and I’m excited like you can’t believe! I take every moment I [...]

  • How to Walk with a Friend who has Depression - Main Image

How to Walk with a Friend who has Depression

An Interview with Dewald Wagener Dewald Wagener has his Masters in Theology, his Honours in Pastoral Counselling and over 17 years of pastoral counselling experience. This week we interviewed him [...]

Those Younger…

The great thing about this blog post is that it is relevant to YOU. No matter where you live, who you are, or how embarrassing your music taste, there will [...]

How to Talk to Teens About Racism

An Interview with Blaque Nubon Blaque Nubon is no stranger to the discussion on race. He has preached on it many times, written about it and in every instance his [...]

  • Running the Marathon of Motherhood - final

Running The Marathon Of Motherhood

By Rosie Moore. "Your kids will grow up in the blink of an eye." "Don't worry, this season will end and things will get easier." "Just love them unconditionally! [...]