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How to talk to teens about LGBTQ+

An Interview with Blaque Nubon and Kathryn Morrison How do we talk to teens about LGBTQ+? Blaque Nubon and Kathryn Morrison have been involved in youth ministry for many years [...]

What does the Bible have to say about fashion?

By Blaque Nubon. On 21 June 2014, Peaches Monroee coined a phrase that would become known to as many as two billion people globally in two weeks: "eyebrows on [...]

4 Myths of Self-Esteem Part 2

By Gareth Maggs. Last week we looked at 4 myths that psychology provides as plausible solutions to the problem of identity. The problem of self-esteem not only affects teenagers, [...]

4 Myths of Self-Esteem Part 1

4 Myths of Self-Esteem Part 1 By Gareth Maggs. Dr Esfahany Smith, a Professor at Stanford University, has published a book called ‘The Power of Meaning: Finding Fulfilment in [...]

Walking In The Light – An interview with Robinson Mwangi

The East African Church Movement – An interview with Robinson Mwangi At the beginning of the 20th Century, a church movement began in East Africa which is still impacting Africa [...]

Every Believer’s Hydration Pack

Ten essential items If you are crazy enough to enter a trail run, you will know that a fully equipped hydration pack is an absolute essential. Being a novice, [...]

  • Why do we Sing?

Why Do We Sing?

Podcast Download/Stream Link to Apple Podcast Open on Iphone/ Ipad   By Roydon Frost. Please see the Video and Podcast above. The transcript is below I am uniquely [...]

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The REAL Power of Prayer

By Eleanor Kwizera. When asked to define prayer, I generally assume that every Christian could give me the right answer; that it is the way we communicate with God by [...]

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The Relevance of the Resurrection for Every Christian

An Interview with Dr. David Seccombe. We are privileged this week to have Dr. David Seccombe on our podcast. David Seccombe has a PHD from Cambridge University, is an [...]

Being a Modern Woman in South Africa

An Interview with Lilly Million and Leah Maseko In this Podcast, Leah and Lilly speak from experience as they share what it’s like to be a young black woman in [...]