By Lauren Maggs.

When Jesus’ disciples asked him about how to pray, he gave them the prayer we find in Matthew 6:9 – 13.  By virtue of the fact that this is how Jesus tells us to pray, we should be praying the Lord’s prayer.  I have found many other joys in praying the Lord’s prayer regularly and many reasons to pray it.

  1. It gives you words to pray when you can’t find words to pray

There are times in our Christian lives when we can’t find the words we need to speak to our Father.  Whether we are tired, discouraged or spiritually dry, we sometimes find silence in our heads when we try to talk to our Father in heaven.  Using the words to the Lord’s prayer means that you can say meaningful, true things to God, even when you feel like you can’t get to any meaningful, true words on your own.

  1. It focuses your mind

Many of us know the Lord’s prayer off by heart.  This is a great help when it comes to praying the Lord’s prayer.  When our minds are a million miles away, we still need to pray.  Praying the Lord’s prayer and using it as a guide when we are unfocused means that we have a structure to follow.  It means we are more likely to pray because our prayers have direction.

  1. It means that you pray for the priorities

Very often, our priorities do not line up with the priorities of Christ.  When we pray the Lord’s prayer, we know that we are praying for the things that Jesus says are important.  It means that we are spending meaningful time in prayer.

  1. It reinforces God’s daily grace

Regardless of the type of day you’ve had, praying the same prayer every day reminds you that you can only come before the Father on the merits of Christ.  If you have had a wonderful day as a Christian, you pray “Our Father in heaven…”  If you have had a day of complete failure as a Christian, you pray “Our Father in heaven…”  His words are sufficient for our greatest successes and worst failures.  It reminds us that we live only by His grace.

I encourage you to make praying the Lord’s prayer part of your daily relationship with Him.  There so many other benefits.  Prayer is an essential part of our walk with the Lord and we should use any tools He gives us to help us pray.  The Lord’s prayer is one of those precious tools.

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